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Soft skills are increasingly recognized as crucial in the job market. While technical skills and knowledge are essential, soft skills play a vital role in an individual's overall success and effectiveness in the workplace.

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MicroSoft Office

Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle – 10 essential courses for proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. From mastering Excel formulas to creating impactful PowerPoint presentations, each course enhances your Microsoft Office skills. Elevate your productivity and proficiency with this comprehensive bundle.

Personal Development

Soft skills every professional needs. This track provides a well-rounded curriculum addressing both personal and professional aspects of an individual's life, fostering growth, resilience, and success. There are over 22 courses such as Anger Managment, improving mindfulness, Taking Initiative Goal Setting Getting Things Done and Public Speaking.

Sales & Marketing

You'll be a Sales and Marketing expert once you've completed this track of over 25 amazing courses to build your marketing skills such as Body Language Basics, Presentation Skills, Proposal Writing, Servant Leadership, Creating A Great webinar and Overcoming Sales Objections.

Administrative Skills

The Coursekat Administrative Skills Bundle – 12 essential courses for professional proficiency. From Effective Communication to Time Management, each course hones crucial administrative skills. Elevate your career with this comprehensive bundle – your guide to administrative excellence.

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Human Resources

This Comprehensive HR Professional Bundle, a collection of more than 21 courses meticulously curated to empower HR professionals with the skills and knowledge essential for success in the dynamic world of Human Resources. Courses like, Train-The-Trainer, Hiring Strategies, Employee Onboarding, and Contract Management.

Workplace Essentials

There are 22 courses covering essential skills and knowledge needed for a successful and respectful work environment. Such as Business Acumen, Business Etiquette, Conflict Resolution, Networking Outside the Company, Team Building for Managers and Developing Corporate Behavior and much more.

Supervisor & Managment

On this track, you'll find more than 20 courses. You'll be an effective manager and expert by taking courses such as Budgets and financial reports, coaching and mentoring, employee motivation, virtual team building, Leadership and Influence and facilitation skills. Don't let your dreams pass you by. Get Pro Edge.

Career Development

Explore our Career Mastery Bundle – 17 transformative courses for professional growth. From Entrepreneurship, Building Confidence and Assertiveness, Communication Strategies and Creative Problem Solving. Each course equips you with essential skills. Elevate your career with this comprehensive bundle.

Why Pro Edge Membership?

$29.00/monthly, Cancel Anytime

Unlock the Corporate Advantage

Gain access to corporate-level training typically reserved for employees of Fortune 500 companies. Now, entrepreneurs without corporate backgrounds can equip themselves with the same elite training that sets the business world on fire.

Master In-Demand Skills

From strategic leadership to data analytics, our video courses with interactive exercises, quizzes, and real-world case studies empower you with practical skills essential for conquering today's competitive business landscape.

Self-Paced Flexibility

No rigid schedules or deadlines. Pro Edge Membership lets you tailor your learning journey. Take control of your time, immerse yourself in courses when it suits you, and absorb knowledge at your own pace.

What students are saying

"Coursekat delivers excellence! Relevant courses, supportive community, and industry-focused learning. Completed multiple bundles—highly beneficial. Worth every moment."
Rafael Stokes
Marketing Strategist
"Coursekat's e-learning is top-notch! Clear lessons, interactive, and career-focused content. Love the flexibility. Game-changer for me!"
Olive Borer
Optimization Representative
"Fantastic experience with Coursekat! Comprehensive courses, responsive team, and easy navigation. Immediate impact on my work. Grateful for the knowledge!"
Jacqueline Mueller
Operations Planner
"Exceptional courses at Coursekat! Boosted my career with practical skills. Outstanding support. A must for professional development."
Joseph Reinger
Lead Research
"Coursekat exceeded expectations! Varied courses, insightful instructors, and user-friendly platform. Upgraded my skills effortlessly. Five stars!"
Chelsea Turner
Research Officer
"Coursekat transformed my skills! Engaging content, very affordable and flexible learning. I'm a member for life! Highly recommend!"
Priscilla Jacobson
Principal Designer

$29/Monthly, Cancel Anytime

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Anyone can take an online course, regardless of their age, location, or career stage. However, online courses are particularly beneficial for those who have busy schedules or cannot attend traditional classes. Online learning also appeals to students seeking self-paced education, as they can navigate course materials at their own pace. Working professionals looking to enhance their skills or change careers can benefit from online courses too, as they provide access to industry-specific information. The flexibility of online learning also appeals to retirees, stay-at-home parents, or people with disabilities. Overall, anyone who is motivated, disciplined, and willing to take responsibility for their own learning can benefit from an online course.

To access your courses, you will need to log in to your account, click My Dashboard and My Courses.

There aren’t any prerequisites to get started. All of our courses are in English. 

Absolutely. You can take as many courses as you can handle. With our PreEdge Membership you have full access to all of our current and future courses.

If your payment didn’t go through, first check your financial institution. If you’re still experiencing issues, go to our contact page and send us a message. We’ll get back to you within 24 hrs. 

Online learning involves using the internet to access educational content, interact with peers, and complete coursework. Learners choose the Coursekat platform, register, and gain access to virtual learning courses with flexible schedules. Courses include multimedia content, interactive elements, and assessments. Online learning provides flexibility and accessibility anywhere in the world with internet access.

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