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Create Your Definition of Success

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Your Definition of Success Is Unique And For You To Determine.

What is Success? For some, success means earning a college degree. Others may define it as being able to retire comfortably or by owning a business that employs others. Create your definition of success. What are your goals in life? Everyone has different plans and expectations for their future.

We all share one common goal: the desire to make more out of our time on this Earth than what we could have done without making any effort at all. If you’re looking for an answer to the question “What does success mean to me?” read on!

What’s important is to build a definition of success that aligns with your values, allows you to enjoy life, and avoid feelings of regret.

Consider these ideas:

Freedom of Time:

Many people value time above all else. What’s the point in having a bunch of money if we never had the opportunity to enjoy it. Do you wish you had freedom of time? How much free time do you need to enjoy your life to the fullest?

Deep Connections:

The feeling of a deep connection is so satisfying. I am lucky to have a few close friends.

For me, the most fulfilling relationships are those with deep connections that go beyond what you would typically think a friendship would be.

These are people who know everything about you and whom you trust implicitly– they’re your confidants in life’s most challenging moments. Do you value having deep friendships? How much do your connections mean to you? How many friends do you need to feel successful?

Pushing Yourself to Grow:

For some, personal development means success. One of the most challenging things to do is to admit and accept your weaknesses. All too often, we try to hide them, deny they exist or that their effect on us is anything other than positive. But for growth and change as a person, you need to be honest with yourself about what needs work.

The one thing I wish more people knew was how rewarding it could feel when you take the time to identify which areas of your life need improvement and then go about working on those problems head-on!

Family Life:

A good life can be a goal for many people. What’s important to you when it comes to providing for your family? It doesn’t only have to come in the form of financial stability. For some, I’ve found that providing a happy family life is what they need to feel like their work has been worth it. For them, It’s not about the money or expensive homes; it’s about feeling content with what you’ve accomplished for your family.

Lifes Escapades:

Maybe success means living an adventurous life. You might race motorcycles on the weekend and train like a Navy Seal during the week. It’s possible that taking a train across the country and living in a commune is what gets you excited about life.

Crushing Goals:

Success can be measured by how successful you are in achieving your goals. One of the essential things is setting goals. Make sure they’re written down and specific. Many people enjoy the challenge of setting big goals and having the determination and discipline to make them a reality. Does this sound like you?

Your Career:

Some people consider themselves successful if they have a successful career. Regular promotions and greater wages can be one way to measure success. Maybe you want to excel in a profession that serves the greater good.

Doing For Others:

The ultimate measure of success for some people is helping others. Many people thrive on being helpful and kind.

In Other Words:

The dictionary defines success as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”

We must first define what exactly constitutes a prosperous lifestyle for each individual. A very wealthy C-level executive could consider himself successful because he has attained all the material possessions that society says are important (big house, fancy car, etc.).

An artist could look at him and think otherwise – maybe your life is not about the stuff you have acquired but instead how much you’ve contributed to others and given back to the world.

Examine your values and beliefs and create your version of success. Project yourself far into the future and imagine the type of life you want. Now, adopt a definition of success that works for you!

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