Afraid Of Success?

Are You Afraid Of Success?


Are You Afraid Of Success?

Many people are afraid of success. It may be hard to believe, but it’s true. Who wouldn’t want to be more successful, right? Failure isn’t ideal, but it can be more comfortable than the possibility of something more for some. Eliminating your fear of success could be all you need to take your life to the next level.

You may not even be aware that the thought of success makes you afraid.

7 facts and strategies about success to become less afraid:

  1. The fear of success can show up in your life in different ways. You may not have considered that fatigue, self-sabotage, and an inability to concentrate on essential tasks could be signs of a fear of succeeding. Do you suddenly feel tired when performing a job that could land you a lucrative promotion? These are signs that your subconscious could be squashing your hard work.
  • Be mindful of signs of self-sabotage in your work and relationships. Ask yourself why you engage in such behaviors. Look at your past objectively. You’ve been sabotaging yourself for years.
  1. Eliminate your negative beliefs. Write out a list of your negative ideas around success, then question them.
  • Is this belief true?
  • Where did this belief originate?
  • Could you have gotten only half of the lesson?
  • What should be a more well-rounded belief?

What is this belief costing you?

  1. Success is more complicated than failure. It can seem easier to deal with your life as it is than to become successful. You know what to expect. Success brings plenty of unknowns. The more successful you become, the more visible you become. You’re more exposed to criticism. You have more responsibility. You may have to live with more pressure.
  • Remind yourself that you’ll have access to more resources if you’re successful. An excess of resources results in more comfort. When you have plenty of money and influence, life becomes more manageable.
  1. You might worry about having to change who you are. Success requires change, but you’ll still be the same person at your core. Someone that wants to save more money will have to change their spending habits, but they are essentially the same person. Sure, there are adjustments to be made, but you’ll become a better version of yourself.
  1. Create a vision of success that excites you. Are you afraid that great success will result in a loss of precious time? Create an image of success that allows you to work poolside for a few hours a day from your laptop. Success won’t happen if your idea of success is boring, so envision your ideal version of success?
  1. List the advantages of success. Make a personal list that excites you. Consider all the benefits that success brings: money, influence, social status, comfort, and so on. Use logic to motivate yourself. Success is in your hand.
  1. Enjoy the process. Success can seem like a lot of work. If you view the work as daunting, no success will be attractive enough to motivate you. Find a way to enjoy the journey of becoming successful. You might choose to value what you’ll learn or the people you meet along the way. Sometimes, it’s just the adventure of finding the right path.

In Conclusion:

It feels counterintuitive that anyone would fear success. However, this is one of the primary reasons everyone isn’t more successful. Avoid underestimating how much your negative impressions of success can sabotage your future.

Build a vision of success that motivates you to be successful. Eliminate your negative thinking, question your current beliefs, and enjoy the success you deserve. Try our FREE course Fearless: How To Succeed By Developing A Fearless Mindset.


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